Leaone - 'Young Green Eyes'

'Young Green Eyes' is the debut single for new artist Leaone.

A haunting track that reflects on his past with his ex love, something that many people can relate to. With lyrics like "Do you crave my love and how I used to move" and "Oh how I long for your sweet embrace" a song that speaks on the issue of love and loss through enchanting lyrics and strong vocals.

Leaone began his creating music after a series of events led him back home to his parents house, sitting in his parents attic he began to write and produce his own music. A breakup, loss of a job and being mugged could have resulted in a tormented soul but instead he has used this to create beauty for everyone to listen to.

"Id like to run back into the open fields before the clouds went black" shows the wanting of going back to the past, how it used to be before it all went wrong. Something that many people beat themselves up about after a break up. The music is real and raw calling up issues that everyone faces.

The forthcoming video for this single has been composed of actual footage from Leaone trip to Paris with his ex girlfriend.
 “it was a really tough thing to do emotionally, but I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than offering the subject of the song on a plate”

The beauty of this song is how it is full of pure emotion, written about his experiences and produced himself. Straight from the heart. Have a listen below.


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