Consolers - 'Harry'

From the opening instrumental I knew this would be a track that would have me hooked. 'Harry' is the new track from Consolers. The first release from their new EP 'Astronaut Babies' which is due out later this year. 

It seems everything has been clearly thought out about the direction that this band would like to go from the not so typical indie music to the beautiful EP artwork.  
For three guys that began playing house parties and clubs, they have certainly learnt where they fit in the industry and they are completely owning it. 

'Harry' has a retro feel along with other Consoler songs, their music is the type you could imagine to be on the soundtrack of a 70s/80s film. Spinning on a record player in the summer sun.

With egotistical lyrics like "You don't have to look around because i'm everywhere" along with the finger tapping beats and upbeat guitar rhythm this song is set to be a favourite amongst fans.

The band certainly do set out to bring upbeat feel good music to their fans using their passion to do so.
"We found each other. We fell in love and now our only goal is to make you feel good about yourself with us." 


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