The 1975 Live Review - Manchester Apollo

It's 7:00pm when the doors of the Manchester o2 Apollo open, the moment hundreds of fans have been waiting for after queing for many hours. The excitement is clear with many of the young girls excitedly make their way to the doors. The 1975 have a strong following from the younger generation, partially due to the fact that the music they create is raw and real.

The new album had been released a few weeks ago and has since joined a very small group of music royalty to have topped the album charts in the UK and the US simultaneously. They join the likes of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin who have also achieved this.

Matty, George, Ross and Adam all took to the stage with a song of the new album 'Love me' which Matty had previously confessed was a song about poking fun on their rising stardom. Matty came out with no top and just a leather jacket on making the teenage girls on the front row swoon over him. The whole crowd from there on were hypnotised by Mattys presence. He has a type of stage persona that comes across very confident and in some cases almost cocky but it is evident that he values each and everyone of his fans. He isn't in it for the fame, he is in it for the music and the people.

Knowing that most 1975 fans had been there from the first album or even the beginning there weren't just songs of the new album played but tracks from the first and previous EPs like Menswear, So far(its alright), Robbers and Girls.

Matty tries to ensure that for one song at each gig usually an emotional one that everyone puts their phone down so he can see the faces of all the fans. So they can feel the music and not just look through the screen. He wants the 1975 gigs to be as intimate as their records are, to really listen to what they are trying to say and to experience something together.
Throughout the gig he even tells the audience to turn to the person next to them and just smile, a 1975 gig is a lot like therapy.

There is no denying that the 1975 music lyrics are generally deep and meaningful many accounting on Mattys past experiences or experiences with his family, friends and drug habits. Songs like 'Somebody else' also discuss the feelings that we all feel from a broken relationship, the want of them but not the need of the person that went before.
There is 'She lays down' which is about his mums struggle with post natal depression and 'Nana' about Healy's feelings about the loss of his Nan.

Although these songs weren't played at the gig they still played 'If I believe you' which is a song about Matty trying to battle his demons, questioning the existence of god. Its a song about desperation.

The album really takes an insight into what it is to be Matty Healy. The struggles, the beauty, the pain and the irony. It had only been out around two weeks and still there were loyal fans singing along to all of the words from old and new tracks.

The 1975 songs like 'Love me', 'Change of Heart' and 'Paris' have an infectious beat that you can't help but sing along and dance to which had the whole crowd jumping around. As the show was nearing an end the crowd began to chant a regular thing at the 1975 gigs 'We want Sex'. This isn't a proposition to the lead singer Matty but instead the name of a song. They obliged and the whole room roared. 'Sex' a fitting song for a sex symbol.

Sold out shows seem to be a regular thing for The 1975 and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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