Evident Interview

When did you start making music and who/what were your influences? 
I first started making sounds and sketches when I was around 17 years old. I wouldn’t really call it music, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just liked it. I didn’t go to a music school or anything like that so I found it liberating being able to just use a computer to start making sounds.
Eventually this turned into making full tracks that sounded quite okay. It’s been about a year now and I’m starting to be satisfied with my music enough, that I play it out and believe in it. It’s a bit hectic presenting the music that I do in the right way so that more people can relate to it and enjoy but I’m getting there. I just can’t always play rhythmical house for 2 hours straight.

If I understand you right you DJ sets and also perform Live sets?
Yes. When I DJ I play the tracks that I love at the moment and the edits that I make of them. This is usually the combination of house and techno and it’s whole purpose is to make you dance and bring out some kind of emotion that I’m feeling that day. I like to make people emotional and make them dance, but without being cheesy. This is a broad definition but you get the idea.
When I play Live I like to use only my own music or remixes I made. Live is musically more beat oriented, with additional vocals and sound pieces that I combine. The music is slower and the tempo changes are more frequent. People usually call it electronica or something like that. I prepare loops, midi notes and a lot of stuff around that in advance. Then I just play with it and jam things out and add or change things as I go. I can play something simple on keys, add a synth line or change the drum pattern.. The fun part here is that you never know where you are going to get and it’s more fun as well as risky.

What influenced your current project?
Nothing in particular, a lot of different things and changes in life. It was just a natural evolution. I felt the need to change my name and start afresh being more cohesive about everything that I do. Perhaps just the idea to express myself better and to express things with music that I find relevant at the time. A lot of the times I don’t know exactly what I’m doing but while I’m doing I become extremely aware of it. Sometimes all of this sounds like escapism party music and then the next day I’ll make “think about the universe” music. It’s just how it is.  And all that inspired the change of the name. People can’t really spell Blaz Perus anyway so it was about to happen at some point.

How do you begin the process of making music?
I usually sample something and create a whole structure around that loop or phrase, I then extend it and make different combinations. In the end I will arrange the track or just jam it out with the part I prepared. This is how I get the initial idea of the track with how it should sound and what it should represent. I mix the track while I’m making it so in the end of the creative process I have a decent mix down. Then I’ll leave it for a few days and finish it really quickly. Although sometimes I won’t finish the tracks and then come back to them a few months later and make a completely different track out of it.
The way I start is always different but the process is quite standard. I’ve started to just jam with the parts more now so I can get a better idea of the track before I arrange it. I also record more things with the microphone than I used to. I’m still learning every day how to do it.

Any advice for people who want to begin to make music?
I think different people need to hear different advice but ultimately just do it. Keep pushing yourself. If you get bored simply move on but fight hard to finish something. Even if it sucks at the start.
If you are serious about it just keep thinking about it even when you’re not doing it. If you stick to it then you will soon find out that every track you make is better than the previous one or at least in most cases. This can be inspiring. I think it’s important that you stick to routine, just make music every day. That’s it. Or at least try as often as you can. Simple.

So you were at sound city, how did you like the festival?
I’ve never been to Liverpool before and Sound City isn’t an electronic music orientated festival so I didn’t know what they expect but I just told myself that I will keep an open mind.
It actually turned out awesome and it was even sunny. The festival was nice although the small stages could have been placed better which was a bit annoying but in the end Matej and I got some nice compliments about our set and we were both satisfied with it. We only decided a few days before the festival that Matej would come along and play the trumpet on top of my tracks and edits. It turned out great. I usually play alone so this was a new experience for me but Matej was super great and he understands what I’m trying to do. I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve missed Evian Christ. But on the other hand I’ve heard a few new bands that sound interesting.

Where else would you like to play?
Ah wishes. Everywhere. I won’t name places but of course I’d like to go and play everywhere in the world, especially the cities with a big electronic scene. I don’t really have specific places in mind - I like the diversity of the creative spaces. From bars to big halls, museums to underground caves., anything. At the current level the only thing that makes sense for me are small clubs but I’m always dreaming about different places. My mentality right now is that people in the club need more than just non-stop repetitive house and techno and I try to deliver that and make it work.  Maybe I’m young and na├»ve to think that, but I do. I think we are over cultivating our euro techno four x four scene and should try out new things. At least that’s how I see it if we want to achieve progress in electronic music right now. I’m also very fanatical about other places like cathedrals, empty factories, hospitals.. just something non-standard. Something with a lot of space in general, mostly due to the acoustic and visuals reasons - because it works with some spectre of the music I do. But that’s also out of reach for now, but it’s fun to think about it. If we go back to reality.. in the end a small club for 100 people is all you need.
What are you working on right now?
I’m mostly producing new music and I plan to play more gigs in the fall so I’m also preparing new live setup. We have more releases coming out on our label Soundhitectures and this takes up my time too. Especially notable is Watered EP produced by Jan Nemecek that we will release in September (You can hear the first track from EP here). After that we have Circumstance compilation coming out in October with 8 tracks. If I will have enough time I’ll present my first installation/performance later this year. I have a few things in my head that I need to realize. I also need to finish my thesis in Computer Science to finish the studies. Shit. All of this will require a lot of coffee!

What kind of music are you sharing with us?
I'm sharing We Don't All Have To Shine mix which is like a soundtrack of my life over the past six months. I tried to create a soundtrack that you can relax to at home but still says something. I've also made a video that represents the visual thoughts of the music, but that shouldn't be taken too seriously.
I love the part with the war horrors and selfie sticks in the background. The current European migration problems with people debating fashion in the background. It kind of illustrates the world right now. The contrasts are bizarre. Thats one point of the mix. Others are more personal and not so complicated.


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