Liverpool Sound City

Liverpool Sound City took place on the 22-24th of May this year. The festival has come a long way since 2008, its first date. Not only have we seen artists who have played here throughout the years go onto sell out arenas like Ed Sheeran but we've also seen a change in the actual location. This year was the first time in its new location on Liverpool's Bramley Moore Docks. 

This was also the first time I'd been to Liverpool Sound City and I don't know why I hadn't been before. Having never been before I arrived with a certain excitement of what to expect. Trust me you will leave the festival each night being a fan of a band you've probably never heard of before.

The weather held out throughout the three days which is always a rare and good thing in the month of May. The change of location resulted in the venue moving out of the city centre and onto an old docks which previously some people thought would be a disaster due to the lack of freedom between walking to and from venues and into local places for food. That being said with any other festival you are expected to stay on sight and enjoy the atmosphere of the whole location so why not at Liverpool Sound City. Having previously been to festival's similar to the old Sound City, I found that unless you know the city that the festival is in, it is hard to navigate to the different venues even when given a map and it generally resulted in missing some or all of a set of a band I'd been looking forward to see. Having the location in one place makes it more assessable for people from outside of the Liverpool area. The Sound City venue now consists of around 8 stages all featuring a variety of different bands/artists. Some of the stages also had different themes like the Quebec stage and I found myself in a Welsh act tent at one point and found Houdini Dax a really good three piece pop/rock band.
I had the opportunity to film at Sound City and have created a short video here highlighting a few good points of the festival!
Rather than going with a plan of who I wanted to see I would generally just pop in between tents listening to new artists/bands I hadn't heard of before. I totally recommend this for anyone to do.
My favourites from the whole festival would have to be Hein Cooper, JUDAS, Hidden Charms, Raglans, Blaž Peruš and of course The Griswold's. A blog post will follow with more details on these guys.
And next year is set to be even better!


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