The Griswolds - Be Impressive

I've been meaning to create this post for a rather long time now. I'd previously posted about The Griswolds months and months before when they only had a couple songs out. Now they have a debut album out called 'Be Impressive'. It has been out for a few months now but better late than never!

The album consists of 11 songs each one just as good as the one before. The album was teased with the release of the new single 'Beware The Dog'. The whole album consists of plenty of upbeat songs following on from their previous releases like 'Heart of a Lion' and 'Mississippi'.
'Be Impressive' is a lively pop album with a lot of 80s synth added in making the whole album contagious leaving listeners singing along and craving more.

The Griswolds lyrics are personal and cover different topics like bad relationships, addiction and just general struggles. These topics have been hidden by the electronic upbeat tone of the album making them both songs to dance to as well as deep meaningful songs.

Be Impressive begins with the song '16 Years' which is a song about growing up, something that everyone can relate to in one way or another. It also mentions the struggles of leaving home and facing a new world of drugs and money, displaying the idea of being trapped in this type of lifestyle.

Without doubt this is a fun album with infectious beats throughout and seriously impressive lyrics (No pun intended). The album is a journey. This is ultimately an album made for the summer but that doesn't stop me from listening to it throughout the year.

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