Its 2015! I'd firstly like to wish every single one of my readers a Happy New Year. The past year has been quite an exciting year, from beginning this blog I never expected this response or some of the opportunities it has since created. Without any of you readers none of it would have been possible so Thank you!

This post is about the music I am looking forward to in 2015, many of the artist/bands have been mentioned before on my blog, some haven't. Some are new to the music scene some have been doing it for years.

Love, Love, Love these guys! An American-Welsh post-punk band that formed in New York in 2011. The guys released their debut album self titled in early 2014 and it didn't disappoint. They have been touring for most of 2014 throughout the US and have been increasing in popularity throughout the year. They have even toured with the likes of the Artic Monkeys, The Vaccines and Foals. I think Long hair is quite a popular one of their songs after the lyrics from it were tweeted by a certain Harry Styles causing the flurry of fans wondering where these lyrics were from. It is one of my favourites too but 'You've got it wrong' is my absolute favourite if only one song could be chosen. Its rare that you find a full album where you enjoy every single song on there. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to see them live in 2015 since I can only imagine the album being 10x better in person if that's even possible!! Drowners Twitter.

Walk the Moon
A 4 piece rock n roll band with a twist. The first song I heard by these guys was 'Anna Sun' and for weeks after I just couldn't get the song out of my head. Walk the Moons music seems to remind me of summer which is my favourite time of the year! They have already got an impressive following with over 250k likes on Facebook, due to their relentless touring first in their local area and then for massive crowds at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. These guys have also toured with high profile artists like Pink and Panic! At The Disco throughout the US, UK and Europe. Walk the Moon released their latest album 'Talking is Hard' in 2014. Which is an amazing album a few tracks that stood out to me were 'Shut up and Dance' and 'Aquaman'. Although these guys have been making music for quite a while now I'm definitely expecting their popularity to increase even more over the upcoming years. Walk The Moon Twitter.

George Ogilvie
This 20 year old singer/songwriter is one of the last artists I came across in 2014 and I have to admit this was due to an advert on the TV. I normally just ignore adverts, especially near Christmas time when I have absolutely no money but there was something about the song and the voice that made me get on good old Google straight away to find out who it was. I found his YouTube page to see that he had in fact being posting videos for 2 years. His music is inspired by artists like Ben Howard, City & Colour and Hozier so if you like the sound of them you will definitely like Georges sound. A 4-track EP is due to be released this year so keep an eye out for that.George Ogilvie Twitter.

5 Seconds of Summer
So the band that was all people spoke about throughout 2014, these 4 guys who come from Sydney Australia basically became a huge popular topic last year especially throughout twitter. After being on tour with One Direction not one but two times the boys have branched off and are finally losing the '1D's support act title'. With the release of 3 singles this year and their Debut Album being in the top end of charts all around the world they can only continue to grow. 5 Seconds of Summer have also recently SOLD OUT their UK tour so if you wanted to see these guys live you'll have to wait till they tour again. I had the opportunity at the beginning of last year to see them play at a small venue. They played a few new songs from the yet to be released album and I wasn't disappointed but extremely excited to hear more. I'm predicting that 2015 will be the year of 5sos. 5SOS Twitter.

Little Sea
A band that have a connection to the one mentioned above, not only are they from the same place but they're actually friends with one another! I had a few posts about Little Sea last year after the excitement of finding them on YouTube. Ever since then I have not stopped playing their music and praying that we all get the luxury of an album soon. I haven't had the opportunity to see these guys live yet but something tells me that in 2015 hopefully that will change. If you haven't listened to any music by Little Sea before I recommend listening to 'The Lucky Ones' and my favourite 'Careless'. Little Sea Twitter.

Nova & the Experience
There must be something about Sydney because bands from there have been really impressing me recently. This 4 piece band have an indie/pop style to them. The 'Where We Go' EP is the latest release which features songs like Jennifer Lawrence, We Made and We're Not Going Anywhere. I thoroughly enjoyed this EP and the rest of the music they have released. I think as they release more and more music more people will have the opportunity to listen to their sound and their fan base will continue to increase! Nova & the Experience Twitter.


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