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So one of my most favourite Australian bands 'Little Sea' have been releasing quite a bit of music this year. I've followed these guys since almost pretty much the beginning , I know talent when I see it you see. You can see my previous posts about them here and here. Not only have these guys been coming on leaps and bounds since the last post they have actually been signed to a pretty impressive record label! Sony Music, the company who have also previously signed the likes of Lady Gaga, Oasis, One Direction and The 1975 to name a few. This is such amazing news for a band who only began this year and have come so far since.

Little Sea have recently done a cover of the song 'Breaking Free' the high school musical song for a Disney album called We Love Disney which includes other artists from Australia singing some of Disneys favourite. Now when I first heard that the song they were covering was 'Breaking Free' I was a bit sceptical, out of all the Disney songs that? But after hearing it for the first time I instantly fell in love. Its nothing like the one you hear on High School Musical but has a more rock feel with the addition of guitar and drums it makes it a completely different amazing song!

Another new thing in the Little Sea world is that of the release of their EP Wake The Sun which was released on the 18th November. This features the latest single The Lucky Ones, Thank You, The Way That You Move, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Careless. Each song is simultaneously just as great as the other so much that it was awfully hard for me to choose my favourite so I decided not to and I'll let you guys decide your own favourite without my influence.

All of the songs on the EP have upbeat tempos which fit the pop/punk theme that their music generally seems to fit within apart from the song Careless which shows us that Little Sea can be serious with this touching song when they want to be. Careless is tone of song that we haven't really heard Little Sea sing before, this song is quite slow paced and a deeply emotional song with beautiful lyrics. "Im carelessly loving you" with lyrics like that even the toughest of people would be having a hard time.

Definitely check these guys out and also follow them on twitter because they're pretty funny guys plus there's a naked picture of Oliver if you're into that kind of thing..

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You can find all the individual twitters on there also.


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