Live Review: Rhodes

 Photography by Jack Irwin
Into the old building and up the aged narrow staircase entering a small dome-shaped red brick ballroom space which allowed for staggering acoustics. The room looked like it had been left in the past with the edgy speakers set above the bar and the largest disco ball I've ever seen. This was the perfect setting for Rhodes to play one of his sets on his UK tour.
I arrived early to find a few people already there but within these few people the energy in the room was filled with excitement which only increased as more and more people arrived waiting in anticipation for Rhodes to come onto stage.

He stood centre stage checking in on the audience throughout the changing of songs. Once he started to sing and play though he was in deep with his music. His voice sharing his passion for each one of the songs he had written to the audience. Half way through the set Rhodes changing from his position centre stage with his guitar to a keyboard that had been set out and began playing more of his musically sound songs.
It was abundantly clear that Rhodes passion for his music and lyrics were played out throughout the set getting the audience increasingly excited and emotional. The set lasted for around an hour but time seemed to go so fast whilst listening to him. As the end edged nearer Rhodes played his probably most well known song ‘Breathe’ which he had only played weeks before on Stand Up to Cancer which went live to thousands of people. It was nice to experience an intimate gig before the masses which he will no doubt have in 2015 and beyond.

Photography by Jack Irwin
For now we can only sit and wait for the debut album.
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