John Newman: Live Review Manchester

After what felt like a lifetime waiting for John Newman to come on stage, the introduction began with a montage of different footage talking about his career coming up onto the screen.

As the intro stopped John stepped out to a roar of screams and wolf whistles from the crowd. He was wearing one of his signature looks with a white blazer and slightly unbuttoned shirt.
If you hadn’t seen John play live before then you would very much think in that attire that he would be standing in one position on the stage singing down a microphone stand but that is totally not what you get! Instead he takes on a kind of persona as he begins to sing which seems to completely take over him with him dancing around the stage and interacting with the audience. His gigs are full of energy.
He began his set with his most recent single ‘Blame’ which I thought was the perfect opening song to get the crowd ready for a night filled with fun and emotion. He then went on to sing ‘Tribute’ which is one of my favourites from the album.
Newman is a born performer with electric vocals and amazing stage presence.
He proved he has one of the finest voices in the pop industry at the moment with his perfect set singing all the favourite songs from his album ‘Tribute’, which he mentioned would be his final tour for this album to much dismay from the audience.

Newman is still on tour visiting
Bridlington, London, Plymouth and Wolverhampton still.

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