The Saturdays Greatest Hits Tour

It seems like yesterday that this 5 piece girl group sprung onto the scene with their first single 'If This Is Love', and its only gone up from then. These then young girls have now matured into adults with kids, husbands and partners. After only 7 years of being together the girls have released an album of Greatest hits and are now touring with all these well loved favourites and more. I got the opportunity to see the girls live and I wasn't disappointed. My seat was 5th row from the front which left me with a pretty spectacular view. The girls sprung out from the floor wearing the most amazing glittery outfits I have ever seen and started to sing 'What are you waiting for?' closely followed by 'Up' and then my new favourite 808. The girls chemistry on stage was insane, in the media they've always been portrayed as having a relationship like sisters and whilst on that stage I completely felt it.

They then went onto 'Work' which showed the girl power on stage with the girls making their dancers do sit ups to the beat. Which was a delight for all.
Continuing with their greatest hits they then went on to sing 'forever is over', 'higher', 'gentlemen' and many more of their well loved hits.
The Saturdays treated us to a nice surprise in the form of Disco Love with the added songs of 'Staying Alive' by the Beegees and 'Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears.
Since their first hit in 2007 their vocal ranges have completely matured and the harmonies were perfect with each of their voices complementing the others. There were plenty of costume changes with outfits that would make just about anyone envious. The girls shared the stage with a group of male dancers who kept my eyes going back and too from the girls singing to the great dance routines.
Continuing on from that with a melody of all their favourite songs that hadn't fully made it into the whole show. '30 Days'/'Wildfire'/'Get Ready, Get Set'/'One Shot'/'Don't Let Me Dance Alone'/'Missing You'.
The whole show was a complete rollercoaster of emotions, from upbeat songs like 808 to an acoustic version of 'Chasing Lights' in which Mollie and Una picked up and played guitar for the audience whilst the girls all sat on the stage singing together. I actually filmed this which you can see here. Overall I was really impressed by the whole experience of the gig and from the response the rest of the room was too. If that is the last we see of The Saturdays which I hope it isn't then they definitely ended on a high!


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