The 1975 Live Review

The stage was set with a whole lot of fog and the signature white rectangle as The 1975 walked on stage to a roar of cheers and wolf whistles from the crowd. In a room filled with thousands of people its hard to believe that major record labels turned these guys down a few years ago.
The band that consists of Matty Healy, Adam Hann, George Daniel and Ross MacDonald have sold out all of the dates for this current tour which ends in the UK on the 1st of October. The show I managed to go to was the 22/09/2014, the second date in Manchester. The guys obviously have a soft spot for Manchester with all of them growing up there.
The gig was at the O2 Apollo which holds around 3,500 people. Its always great to see a band that big playing in smaller venues making the whole of the gig that bit more intimate than a big arena. No doubt the next tour will feature arenas though since the tickets for this tour sold out initially until more dates were added which sold out also just as fast.
I go to a lot of gigs and I have to say the atmosphere on this night was spectacular, there was such a variety of different people all coming together letting their hair down. From all different ages and I think its great when a band can do that because that shows their music speaks to all.
The show featured all of the well known songs like 'The City', 'Girls' and obviously 'Chocolate', but it was also a treat for the diehard fans who had been there in the early stages with song like 'Milk' and 'Me'.
Matty Healy the lead singer of the band seems to be in a kind of trance as he moves around the stage swigging from his bottle of wine. He once said "We sound like the soundtrack to a feel good eighties movie" and I couldn't agree more. He is known to take a lot of influence from movies with 'True Romance' being recreated in the music video for 'Robbers'.

Photo by Tony Woolliscroft
At one point in the show Matty went on to tell everyone to stop recording for this one song so he could see everyones faces which I thought was a lovely touch and certainly everyone listened. Following that the crowd were told to get out their phones to produce sources of lights to sway side to side. This was an amazing sight since almost everyone in the room did this. You could see how much this meant to Matty as he stood on the edge of the stage with his hand on his head in disbelief that all these people were in fact there for them.
The whole of the O2 Apollo were in complete and utter awe of the band attentive to every move and singing along to all the words. The atmosphere was electric with the setlist featuring the perfect mix of songs taking you through a variety of different emotions.

Towards the end of the set Matty got out his phone and proceeded to read an email that was sent to his manager regarding a man who was no longer here but was due to come to the gig with his friends. Healy said a few heartfelt words that you could tell he really meant and proceeded to get upset later finishing with playing the song 'Chocolate' for him. The set ended with the crowd chanting 'We want Sex, We want Sex' which luckily is one of their songs. This ended the set on a high leaving everyone excited as they left.

If you ever get the opportunity to see The 1975 perform then I highly recommend you don't pass that opportunity, I will definitely be getting a ticket for the next tour!

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