Scribble Victory New EP Confidence

Scribble Victory are an acoustic two piece  from Derby, consisting of members Jamie Thompson (vocals and guitar) and Tomas Ward (percussion and backing vocals). They take influence from bands/artists like Bon Iver, Frank Turner and Bright Eyes.
I got the opportunity to listen to their new EP ‘Confidence’ before its release on the 10th of October. Upon first listening to the tracks I found that they have a kind of rawness to their voices and their sound. Everything seems to be stripped back making you appreciate the music and lyrics they wrote a lot more. This kind of style that they have used makes you really listen to the lyrics and leads you on a journey through the EP.
I found that 'But until then', the last song on the EP to be my favourite. Its the kind of song that when you're in a relationship and you just know its not going anywhere, it takes you through the breakup.  

Scribble victory definitely has some country influences in their music but also fit in the genre of acoustic pop with the infectious beats.

The guys have been touring throughout the year but still have some shows left to go for this year so if you get the chance to I recommend that you go and see these guys live.

4th October – Leicester

10th October – Derby

19th October – Nottingham

29th October – Leeds

13th December – Leicester

With more to be confirmed.
For more information on Scribble Victory you can follow these links:



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