One Direction's fourth album 'FOUR'

It's been highly anticipated, not only by me but pretty much the whole of the world. The 5 guys that have taken over the world, selling more than 46 million records have set a release date for their fourth upcoming album.
In the weeks leading up to this day I had been pondering about when the release date would finally come out but I certainly didn't expect a song to come with it. The thing about one direction is you can not hear from them for a while and the next minute a huge thing is happening.
They have also treated us to a preview of one of the songs from the album which is available for a free download from their website for 24 hours only!
'Fireproof' which is from the new album 'four' was written by Liam, Louis, John Ryan, Jamie Scott and Julian Bunetta.
One Direction posted a video and left a statement on their website to announce the release of the new album.

"We're so excited to announce our fourth album, FOUR! We've worked incredibly hard writing and recording it whilst we've been on the road and we couldn't have done it without your support."As a special thank you for everything you guys have done for us we wanted to give you 'Fireproof' - it's a track from the album and you can get it for free right now.
"We hope you enjoy it and we can't wait for you to listen to the album in full. Thank you, you guys mean the world to us."
Now I don't know about the rest of the world but since I found out about the release, the song has been on repeat. The song has a an acoustic pop feel, it sounds like the one direction we know and love but it does seem to be maturing. I decided to take it upon myself to listen to their first album 'Up all night' and then listen to 'Fireproof' and the amount of progression in their vocals is amazing, if you have some spare time I highly recommend doing that just to see how far they've come.

The song is obviously a rather romantic song although rather upbeat, the lyrics include lines like
"Cos nobody saves me baby the way you do" and "Cos nobody knows you baby the way I do". What I get from the song is about the struggles of being away from someone you love for a long time yet every time you see them again the magic is still there. Perhaps this could be an insight into how they feel when they're away on tour or maybe I'm over analysing it, what do you think?

The guys recently spoke out about the upcoming album with Liam saying
“We've had more of a hand in writing this time around, and we've literally written every song.”

Niall also said
 “I think it's gonna be a little bit more edgy, but obviously, we feel like we've got some really good songs and we're happy.”
A little bit more edgy, does this mean we will be seeing One Direction like this next tour?

There have been countless trends on twitter already including #1DFireproof & #1DYouMeanTheWorldToUs which is quite lovely to see that after the guys have been together for quite a while now yet still have such adoring fans.

Well 'Fireproof' has certainly been a hit with me so far making the wait for the full album unbearable but most definitely worth it no doubt!
What are your thoughts on the new song, let me know in the comments below!

For the free download click here, only available for 24 hours!
You can also pre-order the album 'Four' by following that link.
'Four' will be released on November 17th!


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