Frank Turner

I first saw Frank playing at Wakestock this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed his set. I'd briefly heard of Frank Turner before mainly due to his song 'The Way I Tend To Be' but hadn't heard any other of his songs. I have obviously been missing out for years!
Frank Turner started as a vocalist for the band Million Dead until the band split up in 2005 which led him to embark on a solo career. He now tours either solo or with his backing band The Sleeping Souls which consist of Ben Lloyd, Tarrant Anderson, Matt Nasir and Nigel Powell. Frank now has an impressive 5 solo album's out with a new album being set to be released in 2015.
I think what makes Frank Turner so popular is that fact that he joins together folk with punk/rock. Which although doesn't sound like it would work really really does.

He uses the togetherness of folk combined with the edge of rock joining together a whole host of people. 'Four Simple Words' had the whole of the tent jumping around & singing along which was great to see. My favourite songs of his are 'If I Ever Stray', 'Recovery' & 'Photosynthesis'  which I recommend you check out!

If you like what you've heard then Frank Turner has just announced a UK tour which will be on sale this FRIDAY! Which I highly recommend you go to since live music is the best kind of music. Dates & links below.

If you like the sound of Frank Turner & would like to hear or know more click the links below.


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