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I think I'm being quite calm saying that this weekend was one of the best weekends I've had to date. Now this band certainly gets a lot of unnecessary negative for one reason or another. Where the band was formed doesn't help with many music critics but I think if that platform is there to take then why not? If you hadn't guessed already I'm talking about the biggest boy band in the world,

This weekend they visited Manchester for its leg of the WWA tour selling out the 3 nights! Now the tickets were released last year so its been highly anticipated for me and a long time coming. I have to admit I have had worries when seeing the majority of their fan base ages thinking maybe I am too old and have passed it but that's completely untrue! No matter what age you are if you enjoy the music what does it matter?
Yeah, looking back at the previous music they've done some people may call it cheesy but the boys have really come into their own since then and contrary to much misunderstanding have written and co-written many of their songs including 'Story of my life', 'Right now' and 'Don't forget where you belong'. With a new album on the horizon I'm sure we will be seeing much more of their own material.

Anyway back to the WWA Tour, a few days before the start of the Manchester tour is when the release of that dreadful video was released with many rumours of people throwing away tickets, the stadium proved that this was completely untrue with it being packed out with fans.

I managed to get 2 sets of tickets, one for the first date 30th May & some for the last date there 1st June.
The first time I went we decided to drive which was a huge mistake, the traffic was horrendous and at one point I thought I was going to miss the support act who I am also a huge fan of. We arrived at around 6:15pm and made our way into the stadium which was already pretty full. Finding a spot in the middle we stood for around 45minutes before 5 Seconds of Summer(5SOS) came on.

Michael Clifford
From what I can recall they started off playing 'Eighteen' one of my favourite songs which got the crowd going and many girls screaming, particularly down my ear. The boys then introduced themselves and continued to play much loved favourites like 'Heartbreak girl', 'Amnesia' and 'Beside you' along with their new singles 'She looks so perfect' and 'Don't stop'.

These guys have come a long way from their garage in Western Sydney and I can't help but being extremely proud of them. I took plenty of pictures of 5SOS and One Direction which you can see if you click here.

So after the 5SOS guys had exited the stage to the screams of many fans the screens came on featuring music videos from some well known artists/bands like Little Mix, Olly Murs and Avicii. The stage started to be set up for the band everyone had been waiting for ONE DIRECTION!
Also shown on the videos on the screens was an advertisement for the WWA Concert DVD which is due to be released at the perfect time before Christmas on the 1st December, so if you couldn't manage to get tickets then you haven't missed out although you will have missed out on one of the lights men dancing and encouraging the crowd to dance to the Macarena.

 At around 8:45/9:00pm the screens suddenly turned off and a lot of screams filled the stadium. After Jon, Sandy, Josh and Dan coming on stage the wait was finally over and on came One Direction. I'm still a little bit deaf in one of my ears from the screams that came out of some of the girls mouths at the sight of the boys.

Them biceps.
Midnight Memories was the first song sung then little black dress and kiss you which let to Harry having a little chat with the thousands of fans who filled the stadium. On the Friday occasion his old school teachers were in the audience who are now having a child together(congratz Harrys teachers) he went on to make jokes about knowing what they were up to in the changing rooms. The boys moved onto the middle stage which was great as I was about 2 people away from them although my photos didn't turn out too well due to the crazy jumping from fans trying to get the boys attention.

Then 'why don't we go there' and 'Rock me' was played with no lack of hip thrusts making everyone go wild. After them two songs Niall got his guitar out and also had a chat with the audience and a little sing song to 'Wonderwall' by Oasis quite fitting with the location I did think.

After a large selection of songs from the album 'Midnight Memories' and even one of my favourite one direction songs of all time, 'Moments'.  The show was coming to an end, fireworks were let off and a large quantity of confetti was released covering the majority of the Yellow & Green section. The show seemed to go really fast probably because I was enjoying myself so much and couldn't take enough photos, I'm just grateful I was able to get tickets for another show.

The show ended with 'The Best Song Ever' after what I can only describe as the best night ever!!
What are your experiences of the night? Let me know in the comment box below.

A weird piece of art on the stage
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