Interview with Andy Jordan

Before meeting Andy Jordan I was kind of in limbo about my feelings towards him, he was a great songwriter, has never been part of any known controversy and is on a hugely popular reality TV show so there was no reason to dislike him at all but I just didn't know what to think about him since what we are shown on TV is set up drama, I didn't know who the real Andy Jordan was. I still don't but I feel like I know him more and he's such a nice genuine guy who actually cares a lot about his fans.
Andy will be touring the country all through June/July. I caught up with him in Liverpool at the o2 Academy after his set, to talk about his music, Made in Chelsea and his hopes for the future.
How are you feeling after tonight's show?
"Hot! Haha nah it was a good show actually. It was tight with the band which I'm kind of happy with really. Sometimes when you do shows things can go a bit wrong so I'm really happy with how it went tonight."
I thought I'd give Andy a little Geography test since it felt rather fitting since his new single is titled Geography. I produced several flags and he had to tell me the countries. He got a couple wrong but I'll let him off after he played an insane set.

What got you into music and when did you first start playing guitar?
"I first started playing guitar when I was at university I'd been travelling with my buddy from school who is a really good guitarist actually. He bought a guitar whilst travelling and when we got back he gave it to me and said go and learn this whilst you're at uni.  I've sort of always been into my singing and stuff like that but never really done anything with it. So once I could play 4 chords on the guitar I started song writing straight away and that’s how it happened."
Do you think Made In Chelsea has helped in creating a platform for your music?
"Yeah definitely, at the end of the day its just a numbers game. Made in Chelsea has put me in the public eye so whatever I do is scrutinised by the public and up until now its been an amazing thing for music but you do kind of hit this wall with industry where there's this kind of snobbiness  where oh if he's come from a TV show then he cant possibly be a musician, which I don’t really get because yano one of the worlds greatest albums is from Drake and Drake was on a rubbish TV show in Canada. I personally feel like you can do both and id love to break the mould and I think the best way for me to break the mould is to keep playing live shows yano because if somebody comes to my show I want them to go away thinking that was good."

How do you choose the songs you cover in your shows?
"I don’t really know, I'm usually mucking around on the guitar with chords and the lyrics will come to me from the radio or something. Or sometimes I just see stuff on YouTube and I'm like that’s cool ill do that. And then more increasingly I just do it by ear because I find that if you do it your own way its always better. When I cover stuff though, I rarely play it like them. I wouldn’t go online and go oh ill learn exactly how he does it."

Which famous musicians do you admire and why?
"I admire Ed Sheeran the most because he battled and battled and battled to get to where he is. I think he played something like 320 gigs a year. Like he literally went out and told people to be his fans one by one which I just think is amazing! The industry has so much of the whole oh, he has to have the right look, the whole kind of x factor thing when actually its like do you know what Ed Sheeran is just pure talent and I think he is just cool."
So you and your brother Mark have a fashion line JAM Industries. Is fashion something that's important to you?
"Yeah, I love clothes! I've always loved clothes since I was a kid. I cared about what I was wearing. And you know it is my obsession to be honest so I was always going to do it, I was always going to design my own clothes. I design all of my own merch as well."
If you could collaborate with anyone in the future who would it be?
"Azealia Banks, I really want to collaborate with a rapper. You can pick it out in my set, like there's some country influences, some reggae influences and then in the middle of the set, seasons goodbye and another mans eyes which are much more kind of a sort of kick with a bit of a beat. I'm really into that sort of hip hoppy urban sound. I think she would be cool and she's female so it would be different."
'On my Own' is one of my favourite songs from the EP, where did the inspiration from this song come from?
"I actually don’t know where that came from in terms of the style of the song. I was literally mucking around, I was in Spain when I wrote that. I love writing songs that I kind of want to push people to go out and do stuff.
I believe a lot in inspiring people and I hope songs like 'on my own' will be used in future to inspire young people to get out there and do stuff because nothing will fall into your lap in life. And to be honest I'm the perfect example because everyone expects me to be this spoilt kid whose going to leave university and get paid for the rest of his life but its not true it doesn’t really work like that. You do have to go out there and get it and there's that expression, good things come to those who wait and I always say they come quicker to those who go out and get them. So that’s why I wrote the song."
My last question is where would you like to be in 5 years time?
"Retired haha. I’ve always had this, I'm like any musician, I dream of playing a massive stage to a massive audience of 50,000 people so whether it be a festival or a stadium that would be my absolute dream come true and have all those people singing my songs back to me. Its really nice so far on this tour people have sung back to me songs that I didn’t think had been picked up on. Like nobody else, for example is the least played on the EP. It’s the acoustic track and loads of people sing it back to me."

If you want to hear more from Andy click on the links below:
JAM Industries

There are still a few tickets left for his tour here.



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