Boybands ruined my life

From the guys who brought us 'Teenage Dirtbag' to 2 guys who tour with one of the biggest bands around, there was no doubt that this collaboration would work. I certainly wasn't disappointed!

Thanks to some wannabe punk knuckle head rushing on stage and tackling Brendan at one of his shows the idea of the song was born. From their Brendan, Josh and Sandy joined together to create Only you. I can't help but think Josh and Sandy have also got slack for being in the biggest boy band of all time and this is where the concept comes from too.

I can't help but think that this music video is aimed at One Direction fans and other fans of bands alike. Bands like that get a lot of unnecessary hate and so do their fans.
If people enjoy a different style of music to you how does that affect you unless you make it. If their was just one style of music then the world would pretty much be a boring place with a lack of creativity. I know I for one don't listen to one style of music.

Firstly the actual video, I instantly got the feeling that this video was going to be amazing when I saw Lego characters were being used in the video. Being a media student myself where I'm always creating videos, the fact that the music video is completely stop motion with a bit of animation is even more impressive.
Now I know people will probably get different interpretations of the video but what I got from it was a f*ck you sense. How whoever you are, no matter where you come from you can like whatever music and be whoever you want to be. There's always going to be someone who doesn't like what you do but the thing is to ignore them! The video follows a girl going to a small rock show surrounded by locals who are a bit shocked to see her there. She wears a really cool t-shirt that I would like to get my hands on if only it wasn't made of Lego. Unfortunately people don't agree to her being there but ultimately in the end she saves the day. If what I've just said has confused you I recommend you watch the video here to understand.

Its a catchy song with a deep meaning which features chicken nuggets. The beat and lyrics are extremely catchy and give a positive spin on a negative subject. I was singing along after the first time watching the video.

"Don't let it bother you, don't let em get under your skin. Don't let them change the way you feel about anything"

The lyrics at points can be a bit silly for example chicken nuggets but if you listen close enough to the lyrics its about believing in yourself and not caring what others think.
Overall I think that this collaboration was so much better than I expected and it would be great to see it happen again sometime.


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