Who are Lime Cordiale?

Lime Cordiale are an Australian based band from Sydney who describe their band as a kind of Mathcore-Samba-Trance band. These guys have a rather individual distinctive music style and a great energy which pulls them apart from other musicians out there.

When I first started listening to the guys I wanted to know more about them but could find barely anything on the internet which I found shocking considering these guys formed back in 2009 and have toured a lot since then including touring in the USA!
Wanting to find out more about this band and let you readers know all about them I got in contact with Oliver Leimbach and asked him a few questions, here's the results.

Band Members.
Well that's a hard one because our band changes for every show. My name is Oliver Leimbach and my brother, Louis, and I started Lime Cordiale. James Jennings is our most frequent drummer and Brendan Champion tends to play trombone for us at most shows. They've both been round since the beginning. We have keyboardists, guitarists and baritone sax players often joining the band.

When did you form your band?
I think it was back in 2009. Louis and I kind of played acoustically. Then when we started playing at house parties and bars, we had to get louder and play music to dance to. Our sound started to change with the audience and venue. Now we have a pretty big sound that's very different to what we were like at the start. 

What inspired you to make music together?
Our mum got us playing in the early days. Mainly classical duets, though. We wrote songs on family holidays when there was nothing else to do. I think most people start a band as a mating call.

What's the origin of your bands name?
The family holiday we were on when we first started playing together was in the South of France. Our Aunt has a music festival there called Musique Cordiale. I remember saying to Louis that we should start a band and call it Lime Cordiale because of our last name, Leimbach.

Have you changed the band's name before or has it always been Lime Cordiale?
No. It's always been the same. In high school I had bands called Family Jewels, Running With Scissors and She's Prettier Dead. Kinda glad I didn't go with any of those names.

How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?
Louis and I came out of the same hole. I studied music with James and Brendan, the original members of the band, at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. Louis and I needed some guys to play with so I just grabbed the two guys closest to me at the time. If Brendan played guitar, we would have a lead guitarist instead of a trombone player, but he doesn't.

Who are your major influences?
Some of our first influences were Citizen Cope, Cosmo Jarvis, Paolo Nutini and Amy Winehouse. Seeing local live bands is really important for songwriters and band members. Even the crap bands can teach you something... even if it's what NOT to do.

What inspired you to make music together?
Our Mum was pretty much our music teacher growing up. We really vibe off what our friends like. Since the start, we've always shown our friends our new music. If they like it then hopefully others will. If they don't... then we'll normally ditch the song. Inspiration to write comes from so many different places. Live shows, parties, books, movies, drugs... shove it all in a song.

What advice do you have for people who want to make their own music?
Just write as much as you can and show as many people as you can. If you're a live act then play hundreds of shows. And don't stop. It's going to take longer than you think. 

What's your outlook on the record industry today?
There are a lot of bitter people out there... bitching about Spotify, complaining about how little money they're making. Whatever. If you want to make music then make it. Records are getting made more easily than ever. There certainly are more listeners out there. Make sure you get it to them. P.S. You can find our latest EP on iTunes and Spotify NOW!

Tell us about your next shows and why people should go.
We're currently back in Australia after two months of touring in the US. We're playing a festival here called Bluesfest and a few other shows and then we're heading straight back to America for June and July. We'll be playing cities all up the West Coast and might even be getting to Canada and New York. Fingers crossed. 

Any silly stories from starting out as a band or a mishap at a gig? 
Our first shows included a lot of house parties. We managed to convince a friend to put on a show for us at his big house on the water front. I advertised the party on Facebook and 1000 people turned up. The party was actually on his wharf. It was a big wharf. It was the best thing we could've done but halfway through our set, a 14 year old girl fell down some stairs and cracked her head open. We had to cut the set short and close down the party. Luckily no one sued and the girl was OK.... I'm pretty sure she was anyway.

Anything else you want to add.
Yeah. I don't know where you're reading this from but we'll be playing shows all over the states this year. As well as Australia and Europe over the next 12 months. So if you can, we'd love to see you at a show. A lot of bands say that but we really like to hang out. We'll be releasing some new music soon. Download that, come to a show, have a little sing and we can all hang out afterwards.

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