The Cab

The Cab, an American rock band from Las Vegas have really broken onto the music scene since their debut album Whisper War was released in April 2008. Since then they have gone on to release another album ‘Symphony Soldier’ with plenty of EPs being released on the way with their newest being ‘Lock me up’ which has caused quite a flurry of excitement for their large fan base.
The members of The Cab have changed considerably over the years but the current line up is Alexander Deleon, Joey Thunder, Dave Briggs and Chance Johnson.
The Cab has long been a favourite for music critics being named ‘The band you need to know 2008’ and then featured in ‘100 bands you need to know in 2010’ in Alternative Press magazine. In 2011 The Cab left their record label and self-released their album Symphony Soldier funding it all themselves. The Cab have had a lot of success since forming although their frequent changing of band members distorted the public’s view on the band.
It hasn’t all been plain sailing for The Cab with the changing of band members being quite prominent throughout the bands career. Recently a former member Cash Colligan releasing A Fall out boy remix on TheCabDay in which he disses the Cab and is shown burning The Cab merchandise. But don't let that put you off after all it is about the music.
After a 3 year wait the guys have just recently released a new EP sparking speculation that a new album is on the way. The new EP features the songs:
Lock Me Up
Stand Up
These Are The Lies

All the songs on this EP are catchy and the reception on social networking sites has been impressive. In comparison to their previous releases they have definitely incorporated a more pop/RnB style to this EP.


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