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The September Girls are a band I came across recently, the band consists of five lovely girls, showing that girls really are doing it for themselves. Forget about all the bands consisting of boys at the moment and give girls a chance! Formed in Dublin in September 2011, The September Girls have worked together since then through a love of music and dedication of their fans to make increasingly powerful music. The band consists of Paula Cullen (bass/vocals), Caoimhe Derwin (guitar/vocals), Sarah Grimes (drums), Lauren Kerchner (keys/vocals) and Jessie Ward (guitar/vocals). I caught up with Lauren to ask her a few questions about the band just before their May tour. These girls are definitely ones to watch over this coming year..

What inspired you to make music together?
It actually started when Paula and I were chatting at a party! Jessie, Paula, Caoimhe and I were in different bands that were both starting to wrap up at the time, so we decided to join forces and see what we could do together. After some other projects, Sarah finally completed the lineup and we officially became September Girls.
What's the origin of your bands name?
 Our name comes from the name of a Big Star song (“September Gurls”), which was later covered by The Bangles. Most of us were big Bangles fans growing up so it’s probably more a nod to them, but we definitely have some Big Star fans among us too.

Have you changed the band's name before or has it always been September Girls?
 Nope, it’s always been September Girls!

How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?
 Jessie and I went to college together back in the States and both ended up over in Dublin. We met Paula and Caoimhe through mutual friends. The four of us have made music together in various incarnations over the years, and then Paula met Sarah through another project and brought her on board with us, and we’ve all been together ever since.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? 
Noisey pop with lots of reverb and loud drums.
Who are your major influences?
 We all listen to different music, but our tastes overlap in a love of mixing up pop melodies and harmonies with lots of noise and distortion. We’ve probably been influenced by all of the following at some point: The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, The Pixies, The Breeders, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Phil Spector, Joy Division, The Bangles, The Beach Boys, The Beatles.

What advice do you have for people who want to make their own music?
 There’s not really anything else I can say except go for it!

Tell us about your next shows and why people should go.
We’ve got a week-long UK tour coming up from 3rd – 10th May which will include a few cities we’ve played before, but also some cities we’ve never visited so we’re really looking forward to it. This will be the last leg of touring for our album, ‘Cursing The Sea’ which came out in January, so we hope lots of people will come out to see us. Should be fun!

Any silly stories from starting out as a band or a mishap at a gig? 
We had a gig recently where I had the microphone from hell – no matter how much I tried to fix it between songs, it refused to stay in place and kept drooping over….I spent the whole gig singing in funny positions to keep up with the stupid thing. I must’ve looked like a crazy lady!

 If you've not had the chance to hear these girls live yet then get down to one of the shows they're playing at around the UK:


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