Summer has just begun here in the UK and I’m currently trying to compile a summer playlist. MAGIC! are a band that will definitely feature on that. Their first release of Rude! Which is in the style of reggae pop is definitely feel good song for when the summer sun is shining down. Magic! are relatively new to the music scene but that didn’t stop them though. After only releasing 2 official singles, their first one reached number 2 in Australia and New Zealand which is rather impressive. They also have created quite a following on social networking sites with 18,000 followers on Facebook.
 It may help that the band is led by the insanely talented Nasri, for those of you haven’t heard of him you will have more than likely heard of one of the songs he’s written and produced for the likes Pitbull, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Izzy Azalea and Big Time Rush.
Nasri certainly adds a whole new level of experience and expertise to the band but it wouldn’t be the same without his fellow band members, Mark Pelli (guitar), Alex Tanas (drums) and Ben Spivak (bass). Each member adding to the perfect harmony of the band’s sound.
 Nasri’s smooth vocals and the Jamaican beats using the instruments are obvious in their song 'Rude' which tells the story of defying any obstacles for love.  This song along with ‘don’t kill the magic’ has infectious beats that make you want to dance no matter what mood you’re in. Magic! are a band that is completely about the music and the enjoyment that they themselves and their audience get from it. Unfortunately MAGIC! haven't toured the UK yet so ive been unable to see them live but when watching live videos you can instantly see them enjoying exactly what they do which I think is something that is lacking in the industry in this day and age. A raw stripped back gig without expensive gimmicks showing the true talent.
"It's a stressful time out there, and people are struggling to find hope in balance. This music is meant to put you in a good mood. We want to bring people together to have a good time. It's not about us. It's about the music. We want you to be a part of that energy and a positive musical world." - Nasri Atweh
Magic! are definitely a band to watch over the coming years as we haven’t had a sound like theirs for a long time, I think people will really appreciate the sound they produce.
If you like the sound of these guys I have left links to their pages below.


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