Before You Exit

Before You Exit is an American pop-rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band consists of 3 brothers, Riley McDonough, Connor McDonough and Toby McDonough. When I first listened to their song 'Soldier' I instantly thought of the Jonas Brothers and after doing a bit of research found out that these boys have actually toured with them and many other big names including Cody Simpson, Olly Murs and All Time Low.

I'm a bit late on the Before You Exit band wagon since they released their first Album in 2009 so I've got a lot of catching up to do. From the new stuff I've heard though I am very impressed, each and every song has a nice catchy beat and chorus. The songs that BYE play are mainly upbeat getting you dancing on your feet or at the least tapping your foot to the beat. Its amazing to know that these guys are so young but have already achieved so much.

"Before you exit, make a change. That's the point of this band, to make a difference."
Their latest release is a song called 'Dangerous' is yet another feel good catchy song, I personally think its amazing. Let me know what you think!  
These guys may only be young but they know exactly what they're doing and have the talent and charisma to go very far. Listen out for the name because I have no doubt that these guys will be creating sparks in the music industry from here on.


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