5SOS Don't stop

Its been a busy year for 5SOS, they keep exciting their fans with more and more suprises.
After touring with One direction on the Take Me Home Tour they did many independent shows all around the UK, USA, Australia and even spent their 5 days off playing a gig each day in Europe. The boys certainly care a lot about their fans mentioning almost everyday how proud they are.

Long gone are the days of sitting next to an old radio in your neighbours house listening out for the latest hit, its all about social networking site now. These types of website, Youtube, Twitter etc have all seen the rise in different bands taking the world by storm all by the help of you.

Just last night 5SOS performed their first live awards show and they absolutely smashed it making the twittersphere go into a frenzy. Then early this morning was the release of the highly anticipated 'Don't Stop' music video. This song has long been a favourite for many ultimate 5SOS fans or 5SOS fam and the boys didn't disappoint with the music video to accompany it. We had been getting little hints all week regarding the contents of the video, a few images, a lyric video but I certainly wasn't prepared for the high quantity of spandex used in the production.
The music video features 4 unlikely heroes, Cal-Pal, Smash, Mike-ro-wave and Dr Fluke who all have their own unique powers.

The video shows the boys each saving the world in their own way, Mike-ro-wave tries to prevent vandals from creating graffiti. Smash tries to find a lost cat and seemingly ends up keeping it. Dr Fluke tries to help an old lady cross the road to which he gets a bad reception and finally Cal-Pal who is saving the world one bit of litter at a time.

This type of storyline really shows the boys aren't afraid to be themselves which is a bunch of very talented silly bunch of young guys. Its nice to see these boys aren't afraid to have a laugh at themselves. With the soon release of the album I look forward to seeing their music videos in the future.

What do you think about the video, good, bad or amazing? Don't forget to check out the end credits for a little mention to the 5SOS Fam.


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