The Vamps

The Vamps are a British pop rock band which formed in early 2012. The band consists of Brad Simpson, James Mcvey, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball. Since 2012 the vamps have come very far with their debut album being released this Monday, 'Meet the Vamps'. Due to the release of this The Vamps will be visiting some stores around the UK to sign some of their albums for fans.

From left to right - Tristan Evans (Drums, backing vocals), Connor Ball (Bass guitar, backing vocals), James McVey (Lead guitarist, backing vocals) and Brad Simpson (Lead vocals, Guitar).
Yes, they are very good looking lads but they're also so much more with huge amounts of talent.
So how did they come about?
Before their formation James Mcvey was already managed by Prestige Management. And it was actually James who discovered Bradley Simpson through Youtube. They then came together and started to write songs. In 2012 they met Tristan Evans through facebook and then Connor Ball joined. The foursome then went on to post covers together on Youtube which have given them a good following of fans or 'vampettes' as some of them like to call themselves. Social media has gave The Vamps a huge platform to gain a fan base and showcase their songs. From social media The Vamps have fame across the pond in USA as well as other countries.
After their formation in 2012 the boys released their debut single "Can We Dance" in late September 2013. This debuted at number two on the UK singles charts. This was then followed by their second single "Wild Heart" released in January 2014 and peaked at number 3 on the singles chart. The Vamps have already toured with Lawson, The Wanted & Taylor Swift to name a few and have done a headline show in the USA.  Quite impressive for a band who have been officially together for such a short period of time.
The genre of music that the boys have produced is pop/ pop rock but they have managed to add their own unique spin on things with an infectious drum beat and catchy lyrics. And although I have not seen them live yet from watching youtube videos you can see that the lads really know how to work the stage and enjoy what they do a lot.
 The Vamps have been tipped to be the UK's next biggest boy band and after their debut album release on Monday, April 14 I'm sure we will see this become true. Having listened to their album 'Meet the Vamps' I must say that all songs are very well written and performed perfectly. My personal favourite songs on the album at the moment (although I'm sure it will change a lot) are 'Love struck' 'Girls on TV' & 'Somebody to you'. They are a breathe of fresh air to the music industry, four young boys writing their own songs and each playing instruments which is exactly what we have been missing recently.
Following the release of the album The Vamps will be doing a UK tour in many of the main cities, tickets are not on sale until Saturday 26th of April so don't miss this opportunity and grab a pair.
To find out more about The Vamps click here.
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