The Griswolds

Something that you should all know is that I have a major soft spot for Australian artists/bands. I don't know what it is about them they just seem so damn cool. So this month I've decided all my music posts will be from the music scene down under. The first band being 'The Griswolds'.

Now my friend introduced me to this band and since then I've not stopped listening to them. The Griswolds are a five piece indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. They have only just recently been signed to one of the largest indie-rock labels, Wind-up Records.

After forming in 2012 The Griswolds became known all the way around the globe. Their first track 'Mississippi' was posted online and caught the attention of many popular bands who asked them if they would like to tour with them, popular bands like San Cisco, Last Dinosaurs and Django Django.
Within 3 small weeks of the release of 'Mississippi' the band was picked up by over 100 blogs worldwide and so it all began.

This is the music video for the first song officially released by the Griswolds as you can see the video completely complements the music. The free spirited colourful party scene which just makes you want to dance and party with the Griswolds themselves. All the music videos from the Griswolds are extremely creative and colourful you just know they are having a good time whilst creating them. I know for a fact that this will be one of my summer anthems for 2014.

A few months later in June they followed their first hit with another single called 'Heart of a Lion' the infectious beats and mixture of party pop caused yet more stir for the band and the song was listened to in 20+ countries within the first couple of months of release. Not bad for a band who only formed in 2012!

The Griswolds themselves have described their sound as a "tequila-inspired party pop" with influences from Vampire weekend, MGMT and the Beach boys. Which although you can hear this through their music they also have something completely different to add to the music scene.

As the Griswolds fan base continues to grow and grow I will continue to listen to their infectious songs in the future and hopefully get to see them live one day.

Unfortunately The Griswolds aren't touring the UK at this current time but they are touring Australia. For more information click here.

If you want to hear more from The Griswolds they have a few videos, 'Red Tuxedo' , 'The Courtship of Summer Preasley' and 'Heart of a Lion'


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