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Now I've been a fan of Nina Nesbitt for a very long time now and on Friday 21st I finally got to see her live. Trust me she didn't disappoint.
For those of you who don't know, Nina Nesbitt is a Scottish singer-songwriter from Edinburgh. At only 19 years old she has toured with some of the big names including Ed Sheeran and Example which allowed her to increase her fan base. She now has fans from all over the world and is currently doing a European tour. Being only a young age herself Nina seems to really understand where she wants to go and how to achieve it and is the perfect role model for any young teenager proving that you don't have to take your clothes off to become a success.

“I go back to someone like Debbie Harry for inspiration. Her music was good, she looked cool and she was attractive to men, but she didn’t need to take her clothes off to prove it. And I would rather have a successful album with music I love than a No.1 with something that isn’t true to me. Pop is a shallow place. The most important thing is to do it on your own terms.”

  Her debut album 'Peroxide' takes adults and teenagers alike back on the journey and experiences they're facing now or have faced before. The album also features a song called Hold You which features the recent breakthrough act Kodaline.
Nina's songs are all about lessons she has learnt and experiences she has gone through whilst being a teenager. Being the same age as Nina I find that many of her songs relate to me, let me know if you feel that as well.

These gigs are the largest Nina has done to date with one venue holding 3,000 people. I went to the Manchester Ritz which holds around 1,500 people so is still quite a large venue for an upcoming star. I arrived at the venue at 6:00 with the doors opening at 6:30, the queue was quite large at this time but after a while many more people arrived and it doubled. The doors weren't opened till 7 but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits as we were all excited when we entered the venue.
I chose to watch from the balcony this time as the crowd had already made a large semi circle around the stage so the view wasn't great. Waiting on the balcony for the first support act music was played through the venue which got people excited and everyone was singing along. A while later the first support act came on 'OfBeasts&TheMoon' who had won a competition to support Nina in Manchester. 

They played several songs and got a good response from the audience. Then the next support act played, this was Olivia Sebastianelli and her amazing band. I will do a separate blog post on them in due time.

Finally the wait was over and Nina came on stage. She started off with 'Peroxide' which caused big loud cheers.
She played a mixture of old and brand new songs including 'The Apple Tree' and 'Selfies'

Just before playing 'We'll be back for more' Nina told the audience that she required a group of friends on stage to sing with her because that is what the song is about. She came off the stage which caused a frenzy in the standing area and chose a family which consisted of a Mother, Father & their daughter.

Nina's stage presence is tremendous and you can tell that the stage is where she is meant to be as she uses a variety of different instruments in an expressive way.
After playing 16 songs Nina then finished off with 'Stay out' and the crowd went wild.
Overall my experience at the Nina Nesbitt gig was amazing, her voice is exactly the same as her studio versions, maybe even better. That girl knows how to sing!

Nina is now currently touring a few places in Europe & America but don't worry she will be back in the UK for many festivals in the summer including The Isle of Wight festival and V festival.

Her new album 'Peroxide' is available to buy or download here.


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