Little Sea

I can barely contain my excitement about this! One of my favourite bands have finally released their first single. This band is Little Sea, they're a small band from Sydney, Australia. I've been following their covers of popular songs like Chocolate - 1975 and Ed Sheeran - Cold coffee for a few months now.

 I'm completely unsure of how I came across these guys but when I did they only had a small following of a couple hundred views. Since the release of their first single this has completely changed with the new single 'Thank you' having over 3,000 views within the first 2 days of the release!
Now there's not much information out about this four piece from Western Australia but the band consists of Andrew Butler, Oliver Kirby, Leighton Cauchi and Dylan Clark.
The initial line up of the band consisted of only Andrew and Oliver who both used to record the covers in the back of Ollys bus. This line up then progressed to adding Leighton who became the drummer of the band and then finally Dylan joined and started playing bass for the band and the line up was completed.
Little Sea have had a small acoustic tour 'Magic bus tour' already within Australia visiting Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne and I'm expecting a much larger scale tour now with the release of 'Thank you'.
If you haven't already I highly recommend you listen to some of their covers.
there are a couple more on their youtube channel to have a look at too.
I can't see anything but success coming from this four piece with already almost 11,000 followers on twitter within the first couple of months of being formed and with only one single out. The only way is up for these guys.
Facebook: LittleSeaMusic
Twitter: @Littleseamusic


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