5 seconds of summer

Unless you were living under a rock in 2013 you will have probably heard of 5 seconds of summer. The band that consists of four members, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford & Ashton Irwin all living the absolute dream. They spent the majority of 2013 touring with the band One Direction. Doing this has increased their fan base tremendously.
5 seconds of summer or 5sos as they're more commonly known started in 2011 when Luke, Calum & Michael started posting covers of themselves on YouTube. Later on that year Ashton joined and thus 5sos lineup was completed. They have toured many places including recently the UK which sold out within minutes of being released in November 2013. I was lucky enough to get a ticket and went along to the Manchester leg of the tour.
Having previously heard that the recent gigs in Glasgow & Sheffield had people who slept over to get the best spot in the show i decided to not go to that extreme but to arrive considerably earlier than i would for another gig. I got their for 10am and was shocked to see a large queue had already formed.
Waiting for 9 hours in the queue didn't actually go too slow as I was surrounded by like minded people who would frequently belt out a 5sos tune and then return to usual chit chat. After waiting a few more hours it was 7pm & we were all allowed in.
Upon entering you were greeted with a soundtrack of pop & punk classics.

This went on for about 40/60 minutes and then the support act came on.
I had looked up who the support act was before I went but had not listened to any of his music so it was a pleasant surprise when he started singing.
Mike Dignam is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Preston. He has previously toured with Lawson & Tich in her tour at the start of February. Mike is extremely talented and got the crowd going with his catchy songs, 'Great Escape' & 'Relentless' which are personal favourites of mine. Mike has a kind of James Morrison pop esc to him. After the show he was outside meeting fans & giving away his Paint EP for a small donation. I spoke to him for a while and found that he was very down to earth and willing to talk to anyone about questions they had or merely just take a couple of photos with them. I highly recommend people to give him a listen, perhaps start with one of my personal favourites just click the links.
After Mike played for 30 minutes it was finally time for 5SOS to make an appearance. Being down in the crowd i had first hand of the screaming girls surrounding me and when they entered the stage the screams were crazy.
They started the gig off by playing 'Eighteen' , 'Out of my limit' & 'Voodoo doll' and then went on to introduce themselves causing yet more screaming by excited young girls. After playing a few more known songs like Lost boy etc. they then went on to play some new songs that hadn't been heard before. Heartache on the big screen was the first new song to be played, this is what Luke said about it. - "The song is basically about a bad relationship, but talking about it through the metaphor of a bad movie. It's probably my favourite on the EP"
This new song went down very well and was then followed by Amnesia, The only reason & Disconnected which were equally as amazing as the previous songs. Unfortunately these songs havent been released yet in some countries but you can pre order the EP on this link. 
Whilst playing Good girls are bad girls Ashton clearly got too into the music and accidently broke his drums. This resulted in the song being cut short whilst one of the tech guys tried to fix it. In order to try and stall Michael, Luke & Calum made up a song on the spot which consisted of the lyrics "Ashton broke his drums" these lyrics were carried through the crowd as everyone joined in. They successfully stalled and started the song again as if it had never happened.
As the night came to an end the boys said a few words had a bow and left but not before throwing several plectrums and a drum stick or two into the crowd much to their delight. I must say that 5sos definately know how to put on a show and the atmosphere was incredible that night, they are extrememly talented guys and their music career can only go up from here.
5sos are currently working on their debut album that will be released later this year. 


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